Balance Lamp - Black-UXORIOUS
Balance Lamp - Black-UXORIOUS
Balance Lamp - Black-UXORIOUS

Balance Lamp - Black

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Classic. Vintage. And Sophisticated. The Balance Lamp – Black is an iconic USB lamp which has been creatively designed by a blend of tradition and innovation. The lamp is installed with a special magnetic switch which lights the lamp by bringing the 2 rounded cores together.

Product features:

  • Classic and vintage
  • Modern and hi-tech
  • 5V USB output power support
  • Smart and affordable

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2016, Heng Balance Lamp is a series of lamps with a “balance” function that reinvents how lamps are switched on. Framed by what is inspired by the Chinese window, Heng Balance Lamp combines the old and new, by introducing a never-seen-before switch. When you bring the 2 round cores together, they will remain suspended and the lighting element embedded in the frame will light up.

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