About Us

About Uxorious:

Uxorious has been designing luxurious accessory since 2015, in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. We're famous for our "Black Series", which uses leather, Metal, and design with Viking's style. We're a fairly new brand and have 3 physical stores in both Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Currently, we're expanding through internet and outside Europe.


Our Goal:

Our goal above all is to bring to the world our luxury handcrafted jewelry to show that you do not need to rich to be luxurious, and you do not need a fortune for high-quality. This is the mission of Uxorious. If you understand our reasons and motivations, why not join our community?


short thoughts by the CEO: 

Fast fashion arguably has a bad effect on the environment, Most of all, it’s not the designer. If you don’t want that, sure that’s fine, but you’re not gonna the same quality, you’re not gonna the unique designs or any style that really sets it apart. There are small details, it’s a minimal design, and that’s what sets it apart. I like minimal so for me I don’t really have a problem with that, although I think the problem is that with younger people, and younger people want more brand-heavy stuff, that’s just how it is, teenager want to show their brand, they want to show who they’re associated with, then they judge people based on that as well. So it’s much more important for the younger audience to have an actual brand, and if you’re gonna pay more, you want to show at least. So people are saying that they’re exploding their fans, for doing this kind of design with these prices, when in reality, it seems like the opposite, I don’t know. What do you think?