Giving Back


Uxorious is helping restore vision around the world. We are dedicated to giving the gift of sight to people living in impoverished areas all around the world. Each TimeTouch Watch will provide one pair of reading glasses to people in developing countries who would not otherwise have access through our charity partner RestoringVision!
Uxorious giving back to society
One of Uxorious's TimeTouch been purchase, we'll give back a pair of glass for people in developing countries.


There are 2.5 billion people in the world living with some sort of vision impairment. An estimated 500 million people simply need reading glasses to correct their vision, however, they live in developing countries where there is a lack of access to glasses. That is approximately 1 in 7 people. 

For us, it was simple - we are creating a cutting-edge watch that helps people tell time not only with sight but with touch also. 

Uxorious decided to help and make it easy for you to join in. With the help of our non-profit RestoringVision, we donate a pair of reading glasses for every watch purchased from us.  

Help us spread the word.